EU campaigning gets nasty in Harrogate

17 May 2016

The campaign is starting to get nasty says John Upex’s of the Harrogate leave EU campaign.

The campaigners Leave.EU trailer was destroyed last night (16 May 2016) outside his house on Almsford Avenue in Harrogate.

The police have been notified of the incident.

Businessman John Upex said:

Overnight the LEAVE.EU advertising trailer was attacked and destroyed by persons as yet unknown.

This Trailer has been a high profile presence in the Harrogate area for several weeks – but last night it was attacked and systematically destroyed.

The implication must be that the attack was made by people supporting the “Stay In” side of the campaign – who have now escalated their policy of ‘Project Fear’ into actual physical attacks.

Leave EU Harrogate

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