Cyclists watching Tour de Yorkshire get their bikes security marked

8 May 2016

People who brought their bikes with them to Ripley to watch the Tour de Yorkshire last Friday (29 April) were able to take advantage of an offer of free security marking.

Staff from the Harrogate District Community Safety Group and officers from North Yorkshire Police were on hand at Ripley on the first leg of this year’s tour, to offer advice and free bike security marking to cyclists watching the competitors fly by.

Packs containing advice on the best ways to lock bikes, free UV marker pens used to mark cycles, saddle covers and cycle passports were handed out to members of the public keen on making sure their bikes are secure not only when they are out and about, but when they are at home in sheds or garages.

North Yorkshire Police officers used the new ‘Dot Peen’ mobile marking kit to mark 23 bikes. Security marking a bike can help if it’s stolen and later recovered, as it gives the police a unique code word which is marked on the bike.

Cyclists were delighted to have the change to get their bikes security marked for free, as they were keen to increase the security and the changes of getting it back if it is stolen.

Julia Stack is Manager of Community Safety and CCTV at Harrogate Borough Council.  She said:

The event was very successful.

We were able to speak to, and help a good number of people who were keen on getting some practical help to keep their bikes safe. The Dot Peen marking proved very popular with cyclists who had brought their bike out to watch the tour as they now have a state of the art marking system on their bikes.


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