Purple day for charity fundraising

17 March 2016

A one-day fundraising drive saw more than £100 raised for a charity supporting people with a rare form of tumour.

Sixth formers at Rossett School united to dress in purple and increase awareness of cholangiocarcinoma (CC), a tumour that develops on the bile duct. In the process, they raised funds for the Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF), the only charity in the UK dedicated to the disease.

The day was organised by Year 12 student Harrison Prudames, in memory of his late grandfather, who lost his life to the disease in August 2014.

Harrison said:

It’s really important to me to raise money for AMMF and I was so pleased that everyone supported the fundraising day.

I also want to increase awareness of the condition, so I’ve been working with AMMF over the last few months. I wrote a guest post for them during CC awareness month, along with many other people whose loved ones have been affected by the disease.

It is not as widely known about as other types of tumour, which means diagnosis can often come quite late. I hope by raising money for AMMF we can help to increase the amount of research being done and improve the diagnosis rate and treatment success for patients in the future.

The Rossett students’ story has also been shared by AMMF. In total, they raised £61 in donations, combined with a further £50 from selling wristbands.

Harrison’s post can be found on the charity’s Facebook site on March 1, 2016..

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