Harrogate charity undertakes fact-finding mission ahead of launching new service


A is to undertake a fact-finding mission ahead of it launching a new community-based service in January.

Staff from Disability Action Yorkshire will be at Harrogate Library between 1pm and 4pm on Friday, 11 December 2015, to ask disabled people what they would like to see organisations such as theirs providing.

Anyone interested in taking part in this consultation is invited to drop in on the day for a coffee and a chat.


Jackie Snape, the charity’s Chief Executive, said:

Before we introduce our new services we want to ensure they meet the needs, aspirations and demands of those they will benefit, namely disabled younger people and adults.

We have many decades of experience in supporting disabled people, but now we want to be sure that what we are offering is what disabled people want.

We want our new offering to be shaped by future service users. We want to work around their needs and expectations, not them having to adapt to what we think they will require.


Mrs Snape added that if anyone would like to be part of the consultation, but cannot get to the on the eleventh, staff would be happy to arrange to meet them at their convenience.

To organise a home visit, they are asked to call Lacey Winn on 01423 855 410.

Further information about the Disability Action Yorkshire is available from its  website, www.disabilityactionyorkshire.org.uk


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