Warwick Davis visits Mother Shipton’s Cave

30 April 2015

In August 2014 Warwick Davis, his wife Samantha, their children Annabelle and Harrison visited Mother Shipton’s Cave along with a production crew, to film the second series of his family travel show Weekend Escapes.

Warwick and Samantha have visited the park on numerous occasions and when they opportunity arose to visit Knaresborough for the new series, they were adamant that Mother Shipton’s was on the must see list.

It wasn’t just family members that Warwick brought along with him; in tow were a pair of pants, a sock and most excitingly a Ewok toy to be petrified in the Well, all of which now have pride of place either in the Mother Shipton’s Museum or hanging under the petrifying well.


During their visit Warwick and his family were taken on a guided tour along the historic Beech Avenue, planted by Sir Henry Slingsby in 1739, who boast one of the largest collections of Beech trees in the UK, as well as some of the tallest and oldest.

After his guided tour he was welcomed by Igraine Hustwitt Skelton, who is famously the keeper of the Queens Ravens who are housed at Knaresborugh Castle, she imparted her wisdom along with some of Mother Shipton’s most well known prophecies.

The family also got to meet with local clairvoyant Carolina, who welcomed them into the candle-lit cave and read their future.

Fiona Martin, owner of Mother Shipton’s Cave was thrilled to have Warwick and his family to visit the park
Fiona Martin, owner of Mother Shipton’s Cave was thrilled to have Warwick and his family to visit the park

Fiona said: Although it had been a long day filming, they all still managed to be great fun and totally embraced the mystery and wonder that is Mother Shipton’s. Warwick and his lovely family are welcome back to the park whenever they like! It was a pleasure having them and I cannot wait to see the park in all it’s glory on May 1st


Warwick Davis Weekend Escapes at Mother Shipton’s Cave is on itv at 8pm on 1 May 2015.

Mother Shipton’s Cave, Prophecy Lodge, High Bridge, Knaresborough, HG5 8DD

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