Controlled explosion planned at Catterick but search continues for site of overnight explosion

29 November 2014

The noise of an explosion was reported by staff from Marne Barracks at 3am today (29 November 2014) and at this stage an actual explosion site has not been located.

There have been no other reports of damage in the area and the police search is ongoing to locate any scene of the explosion.

While the incident was reported at 3am, the search has been affected by darkness and poor weather conditions.

The search remains focused on the area outside of the barracks and the area adjacent to the A1, although at this stage, it cannot be ruled out that it has occurred within the boundary of the barracks.

The safety of members of the public, including passing motorists, is the prime concern and therefore all security precautions must be taken to protect members of the public until we find out exactly what has occurred.

With the assistance of the military, officers have recovered a number of ageing detonators from the side of the A1 adjacent to Marne Barracks. These detonators are being removed by the army’s bomb disposal team to a safe area where a controlled explosion will take place.

Residents should not be alarmed should they hear an explosion in the Catterick area within the next hour.

Please note these are NOT the cause of the original explosion which remains unexplained, but were found during the searches today.

The A1 will reopen when it is safe to do so.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area at this time and we thank you for your cooperation.

Police are asking that anyone who may have any information with regard to anything happening at around 3am in the morning that may have resulted in a noise, similar to that of an explosion, to contact the police on 101.

Police would again like to thank people for their cooperation and assistance whilst police carry out their enquiries.

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