Mediation charity launched in Harrogate

25 June 2014

A new mediation organisation, ARCH, was launched in Harrogate this week as an independent charity. ARCH had previously operated for ten years under the umbrella of Harrogate Borough Council.

The new organisation is headed by Tony Pardoe who has been associated with ARCH for a number of years as a volunteer and was accredited as a commercial mediator in 1995, and Keith Watts who is also Tenancy Services Manager, Housing and Property at Harrogate Borough Council. Well-known local solicitor and mediator Neil Goodrum is ARCH’s chairman.
The new charity will continue the work ARCH undertook as part of Harrogate Borough Council’s services in providing mediation to individuals, communities and neighbourhoods working with local organisations including the Police and Crime Commission, housing associations, schools, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Relate and Harrogate Borough Council. The wide-ranging experience of the ARCH team includes dealing with matters like neighbour intimidation, antisocial nuisance problems, noise, boundaries and parking issues.

Through its strategic partnership with My Possible Self Ltd, ARCH will also be offering family mediation and therapy, workplace mediation, workshops and training, mentoring and corporate business coaching. My Possible Self which was founded in 2009 by Jo Wilkinson is a not-profit-for-company and offers a spectrum of emotional health and well-being services for individuals, couples and businesses. The partnership between ARCH and My Possible Self brings the best possible range of mediation and resolution solutions to the Harrogate area.

The main focus of ARCH will be not-for-profit mediation in the community but ARCH will also offer its services to local businesses on a commercial basis and all profits will be re-invested in ARCH to fund its important community work.

Martin Gerrard, premier relationship manager for Barclay’s UK Retail and Business Banking Customer Network who is also a director of ARCH hosted the launch event at Barclays Banking Hall in Harrogate which was attended by over 70 guests.


Martin Gerrard said: We are delighted to be associated with the launch of this new charity which will, without doubt, bring great benefits to the Harrogate community. It is an exciting development and I urge the business and professional community to get involved with sponsorship and working with the charity.

ARCH is based at Evans Business Centre, Hartwith Way, Harrogate and can be contacted on 01423 813578 or via

The ARCH Launch Party
The ARCH Launch Party
Joanne Wilkinson, Catherine Barnard, Jayne Hildreth
Joanne Wilkinson, Catherine Barnard and Jayne Hildreth
Denis Kaye, Neil Goodrum, Christopher Butterworth, Tony Pardoe
Denis Kaye, Neil Goodrum, Christopher Butterworth and Tony Pardoe
Martin Gerrard, Jo Pardoe, Tony Pardoe, Amy Sykes
Martin Gerrard, Jo Pardoe, Tony Pardoe and Amy Sykes
Hayley Norman, Steve Norman, Ala Blackmore
Hayley Norman, Steve Norman and Ala Blackmore

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