Yorkshire Peat Partnership gives insight into vital roles

28 May 2014

Anyone who has ever wanted to know why Peatlands are so important, or wondered what a Peatland Restoration Officer does, can now have their questions answered by watching a new video made by the Yorkshire Peat Partnership team.

The short film, which is presented by Senior Restoration Officer Tessa Levens, takes viewers on a journey across the picturesque moors of North Yorkshire, taking a closer look at restored areas of Peat and the work contractors conduct on-site.

Speaking about the project, Tessa said: Peatland restoration has so far taken place on 27 sites in Yorkshire’s uplands so the aim of this video is to give an insight into how we do this. Almost all the peatland in Yorkshire has degraded to some degree so this work is incredibly important to prevent the loss of unique biodiversity, store carbon, improve water quality, decrease local flooding and preserve the historic record.


Communications Officer Holly Kernot, who directed and filmed the video said: The video gives viewers a real taste of what a Peatland Restoration Officer does. Tessa did a fantastic job of presenting the piece; showcasing the area and the vital environmental work taking place there.

The website can be viewed below or see the video in full visit Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Youtube page ‘Yorkswildlife’ and look at the video entitled: A day in the life of a Peatland Restoration Officer.

Alternatively visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust website and click on the Yorkshire Peat Partnership news page: www.ywt.org.uk

Since the Yorkshire Peat Partnership project was launched in 2009, staff have been working with farmers, landowners, agents, keepers and contractors to help restore Yorkshire’s internationally important peat bogs. For more information, visit: www.yppartnership.org.uk

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