Harrogate police urge people to tighten up on garden shed security

26 March 2014

Police in Harrogate a urging residents to review their security arrangements to help keep thieves at bay during the summer months.

In recent weeks there has been a slight increase in shed burglaries which has resulted in gardening equipment and tools being stolen.

Officers are keen to stress the importance of securing sheds and outbuildings as the weather improves and summer approaches.

Temporary Sgt Tom Barker, of Harrogate police said: At this time of year it is quite common for the police to see an increase in shed break-ins.

Equipment such as strimmers, leaf blowers and chainsaws are attractive to thieves due to their value.

They are often easy pickings for criminals, if they are left in sheds or outbuildings in remote or secluded places where thieves are unlikely to be disturbed.

Always move equipment so it is secured away and out of sight. Please take this as a reminder to go and check your shed to ensure you are happy with the security.

For more information about securing your property from thieves, visit the North Yorkshire Police website www.northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk/homesecurity

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