Gateways School hosts Yorkshire Dance workshop

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On Monday 24 February 2014  Gateways School hosted a dance workshop in the school’s Performing Arts Centre where Yorkshire Young Dancers from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds gave a performance demonstrating their skills which was then followed by a workshop for Year 7 and 8 students. GCSE PE students also attended to watch the performance.

The young dancers presented a contemporary piece entitled DNA and then they showed one student’s audition piece that she developed to get into dance school.

They demonstrated different dance styles accompanied by music that was appropriate to each style. After the performances choreographer Donald – a former dancer with Phoenix Dance Theatre – led a workshop.

Gateways students had the opportunity to try out different styles of dance including contemporary and street dance. They then worked with members of the company in groups to develop a dance sequence, choreographed by Donald.

Dr Tracy Johnson, Gateways School Headmistress, said: We were delighted to welcome dancers from the Yorkshire Young Dancers scheme at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Our students had a wonderful time learning a whole host of new skills, as well as gaining an understanding of how to work as part of a creative team.

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