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First night of Harrogate theatre panto cancelled following power cut

23 November 2013

Harrogate Theatre was forced to cancel the first night of the pantomime at Harrogate Theatre yesterday evening (22 November 2013)

The problem was an isolated problem and didn’t involve all phases of the multi-phase supply that larger buildings have.

This meant that lights stayed on in the foyer but were off in the main auditorium.

Harrogate Theatre is stressing that the fault was external to the building and are  suggesting people contact the Northern Powergrid customer helpline to register their disappointment.

The  thatre are also offering a refund or an alternate performance for those with tickets to the cancelled performance. People should contact the box office for details.

The Chief Executive of Harrogate Theatre, David Bown said:

This is an alarming and regular occurrence in the town.

It is seriously affecting trade and the local economy.

Northern Powergrid have been contacted for comment and have said that they are currently looking into the matter.

Power outages are now becoming an almost weekly occurrence in the town, with some residence being subject to a  12 hour outage.

Northern Powergrid is responsible for taking the power into each home and commercial building. There are times when power outages are caused by a 3rd party, such as a cable being damaged, but there are also outages due to equipment failure.

Norhern Powergrid have commented on the incident, although not apologised.

A spokesperson for Northern Powergrid said:

A fuse tripped at 20:10 on  Friday 22 November 2013 and we managed to reset that by 23:30, we are now looking at a possible cable fault in the area.

We work to the guidelines laid down by the regulator and have to restore supplies within 18 hours, so in this case we won’t be offering any compensation.

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