Crime still reducing in North Yorkshire

18 October 2013

Latest figures released by the government show that crime has fallen again in North Yorkshire and the City of York.

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics for a 12 month period up until June 2013 showed crime had reduced by 6%, confirming that the North Yorkshire Police area is the safest place to live in England, with 42.43 recorded crimes per 1000 people.

More up-to-date figures show that during a 12 month period up to September 2013, crime in the North Yorkshire Police area has been reduced by 4% to a total of 34,368 crimes.

This equates to 1,598 fewer victims of crime in our communities.

The figures also highlight that certain types of crime are being effectively tackled and continue to fall, with the following positive results:

Robbery has been reduced by 11% – with 15 fewer victims compared to the same period last year

Burglary has been reduced by 5% – with 241 fewer victims

Vehicle crime has been reduced by 16% – with 518 fewer victims

Theft from a person has been reduced by 9% – with 49 fewer victims

Cycle theft has been reduced by 4% – with 59 fewer victims

Violence with injury has been reduced by 6% with 208 fewer victims

Criminal damage has been reduced by 9% with 587 fewer victims

Drug offences have been reduced by 8% – with 166 fewer crimes

Possession of offensive weapons have been reduced by 24% – with 50 fewer crimes

Chief Constable Dave Jones (pictured), of North Yorkshire Police, said:

It is very pleasing that crime in North Yorkshire and the City of York continues to be reduced.

However, we know that there are difficult times ahead with more savings to be made and it will be a real challenge to maintain this level of performance.

Having said that, I am confident that our officers and staff, who are totally committed to keeping the communities in the county safe, will continue to give their all and tackle the challenges which lay ahead with the same determination they have always shown.

The people of North Yorkshire can also rest assured that the Commissioner and I share the same desire to maintain North Yorkshire and the City of York’s position as the safest and lowest-crime area in England

Reports of sexual offences have increased by 16%, which officers believe is due to more victims having the confidence to come forward and tell the police, thanks to improved facilities such as North Yorkshire Police’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC).

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