Video: Business as usual in Knaresborough following the recent Police drama

17 October 2013

It was business as usual today in Knaresborough following yesterday’s dramatic police incident.

A neighbouring Police force  received a hoax call on the afternoon of 16 October 2013 relating to the Paragon Pizza Shop in Knaresborough.

To protect public safety, North Yorkshire Police instigated an armed response that closed the High Street from around 5pm until 8pm, while Police entered the premises of the shop.

Local businesses were asked to secure their doors while the situation was brought under control.

Inspector Craig Linton of Knaresborough Police
Inspector Craig Linton of Knaresborough Police has praised the response and support of the local people

Inspector Craig Linton of the North Yorkshire Police in Knaresborough has praised the way the public and local businesses responded. He apologised for the disruption it caused, although it was necessary to manage the situation.

See the video interview with Inspector Linton.

The matter is now with the Major Crime Unit who are investigating the hoax call – no arrests have been made.

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