Convicted arsonist now arrested in Harrogate hotel

7 October 2013

Officers arrested Ian Marjoram at a hotel on Kings Road, Harrogate, at 1.30pm on Saturday (5 October 2013).

He has been returned to prison for breaching his prison release licence.

Police have thanked the media and the public for assisting the appeal.

Marjoram, aged 46 and from York, was released early on licence on 19 April 2013 having served part of a four years and three months sentence for arson to recklessly endanger lives, which occurred at a flat on East Parade, Harrogate, between 13 and 17 January 2011.

The sentence also included a commercial burglary in Harrogate on 16 January 2011 at a café on Valley Drive and failure to surrender to police bail on 6 January 2011.

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