Poll: Should Roy Chubby Brown be allowed to play in Harrogate?

1 August 2013

Roy Chubby Brown is set to play a date in Harrogate during October 2013 at the Bilton Working Men’s Club.

He is known for sarcastic and blue humour targeted at an over 18 audience.

Some say that his comedy style is outdated whilst others described Brown as the most important comedian of the past 25 years. Brown himself says that he is just relating to what the audience believes.

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  1. Why shouldn’t her perform ?
    If people want to pay their money to go see him then that’s their choice.

  2. Of course he should! There is far too much seriousness in the world these days.. isn’t it great when we have the likes of Chubs to bring some light relief.. and sex and swearing? So what… it’s appropriate and that’s how he made his name. I saw him twice in Blackpool over the years. Great show. Plus all his shows and DVD’s warn “if easily offended please stay away”.. ya pays ya money or ya steer clear! Simples!

  3. What difference does it make? You can either pay money and go see him, or not. Its (At the moment) a free country. Its the persons choice.

  4. It’s not like he hasn’t played Harrogate before, in fact he’s appeared at BWMC before !

  5. It’s not really a bit of swearing that makes the man obnoxious. The question is obviously phrased in a certain way to avoid the main reason that people object to bigots like him: the racism. I doubt anyone could successfully get him banned – in a way it’s best just to hope that he’s a relic of a less enlightened time and his ignorance will die with him and his ilk.

    Silencing people like him just gives them the opportunity to cry ‘victim’. Don’t talk about ‘political correctness gone mad’ – just watch some of his material and decide for yourself how edgy, relevant or intelligent it is:

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