Agile win for Lola

30 July 2013

Pippa Wild and Lola have won their second ever Dog Agility competition at Cornforth DATC Show, held at Barnard Castle. She won the medium agility combined 1-4 in a time of 39.659 seconds!

Pippa who works for the online pet accessory retailer petsperfect decided to take up Dog Agility after getting her rescue dog Lola from Ponderose Rescue near Castleford, only 15 months ago.

Pippa goes to her local dog agility club, Crazy Canines every Thursday which is held at Crowtrees Equestrian Centre in High Birstwith near Harrogate.

Both Pippa and Lola find it very rewarding and fun and found the club very welcoming and a great place to meet like minded people.




  1. Wow, this is great news. That is a fantastic achiement, im very happy for you both. Petsperfect must feel very proud. Lovely looking dog.

  2. Thank you Stuart, we are very proud of Lola and Pippa.
    It is great they are having so much fun together especially after such a rough start in life for Lola.
    To think Lola went round at that speed is amazing! When she is here at work all she does it sleep! Wonderful little doggie :)

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