Dj Trev’s guide to the pubbing, clubbing and scrubbing action in Harrogate

2 May 2013

Dj Trev in Rehab in HarrogateAfter last weeks inclusion of a Theater listing, I’ve had so many posh birds coming up and swooning (posh for fainting) in front of me, I though I would continue to open up with an in depth look at the arts. Harrogate Theater has The Count of Monte Cristo on until the 11th of May. This is a play about a Count, who comes from Monte Cristo. That is presented in the Studio theater, whist in the big room, there is another play, called John Godber’s Losing The Plot. Which is a play by John Godber, about Losing the Plot.


After a busy day of taking part in the democratic process, if you’re ready for a beer tonight’s top tip, for the 2nd May, involves a Charity Race night on at Bilton Working Mens club with money raised going to the Sick Childrends trust at LGI. Race nights are a good laugh, and the BWMC really do put on a lot of events there and put a lot of effort into things, so you can help a good cause and have a bit of a different night out. My top tip would be Horse number 3 in the Third race.

Into the Town centre The Alex has Scooby playing, I’ve totally no idea who they are or what they do, but like I say every week live gigs at the Alex are always well attended and a great start to a night out, or a great finish to an afternoon in the sun.

All these clubs and late bars are open: Rehab, Viper Rooms, Lure, Revolution, offering the same stuff that they offer every week, as such it’s hard for me to wax lyrical about it. I guess, since I’m playing at Rehab the one night I should tell you how amazing my night is. I hate it when journalists lie, and since I’m pretty Snatch as a DJ it would be unfair of me to lead you to believe that when you come to my night you are going to be anything other than vaguely entertained. I would say that if DJ’s were fruit, I am probably as good as a Pear. Pleasant enough but I make your teeth grate slightly.

Next Thursday has a charity Zumba night on At Rehab, as I mentioned last week, charity listings get a weeks notice, as all the Zumba instructors give their time up for free and it’s a real good laugh, next week with a Salsa demonstration at the end for free, before the normal club night. In the interests of full disclosure, I do not give my time up for free for the club night afterwards, as being a DJ is an incredibly expensive affair, for example last month I spent £1.98 on records by Pitbull.


My top Tip for tonight, Friday 3rd May is at Bar 19. It’s a house night called “One Night Stand”. Recently in town there has been an upsurge in the amount of house nights, reflecting that in this particular scene there’s been some excellent tracks out recently with a lot of chart success. This night is at the more progressive house end of the scale from 9pm till 2am, with some more upfront and some electro house thrown in too. Resident Dj’s ShanePalmer and DaleJoshua are joined by Joe Hryszko , and it’s free to get in. It’s a different direction for Bar 19 who generally mainly do Karaoki, so worth checking out.

Lobo Lex’s live music night has moved from The Den down the road and round the corner and down another road, Union Street, to Zoso Bar. The weekly gig he does has been getting decent numbers down and I think Zoso will be a great venue for it, so go down and check out the awesomely names Arc of Man Apples alongside Oscilantern, Andy Aitchinson & Dj Monkey who plays after the bands until 2 or 3am.

What is on at the Den instead remains a mystery to me as I’ve not heard from them for a week, which is slightly concerning as I’m meant to be playing there Saturday, so knows. If I’m not playing there, perhaps I can come round and DJ in your living room? My requirement are: 2x barely functioning CD players, 1x mixer with most of the knobs missing and 1x daughter/wife (who must be over the age of 17, under the age of me and easily impressed).

Nadeem Leigh and the soul catchers play at Christies, also live The Blues Bar has music from Little Stevie & the Business. Meanwhile in the more mainstream arenas  Moko Lounge, Revolution, Rehab, Lure, Viper rooms and all the rest are open. I think Viper Rooms is the only place that charges on Fridays, so one would expect it to be more exclusive, if you’re into that kind of thing. Lure are still hammering their new cocktails that are really very good, and if you’re in that neck of the woods you can pop over the road to Montey’s for their supe-rawesome cocktails too. Rehab’s cocktails are not quite as good as all that but they ARE 2 for a Fiver, so you pays your money, you takes your choice.


This Saturday will be a bit of a strange one as it’s a bank holiday, they tend to be a bit similar to a Friday, with lots of people waiting for the big deal action on Sunday. Nevertheless there’s still plenty on, but it is mainly the standard fare.

The only bank Holiday Saturday special event is Tim Paul’s “Big Fun Stupid quiz” night at the Manhattan club, which starts at 8.30pm. I have totally no idea what this entails, but Tim has been running quizzes all over town for longer than I’ve been playing bad music, so he must be good at it…

Theoretically I return to The Den on Saturday for one of my sporadic foray’s into being a resident DJ, but Jen is not returning my texts (she is probably doing what we would all be doing if we were her, that is to say: standing naked in front of 2 mirrors checking out her backside, which was clearly one of god’s better efforts) so maybe I’m there, maybe I’ll be propping up the bar at the Empress, who I’ve not mentioned so far this week, but just have and not even in a slightly convoluted way.

As I say though, other than that it’s the usual suspects for Saturday, so rather than list everything that happens every Saturday everywhere, I’m going to get straight on to Sunday, which should be a big big night.


SUNDAY bank holiday action then…

Live music wise MG play the blues doing Ska and regge covers, better check the venue for the times of this though, as when I drunkenly copied this from a poster, I for some reason figured that actual information was not a key requirement in this information column.

Up at the Alexandra Boomin’ play, this is also free to get in and I also don’t know what time that starts.

My night Bottom of the Bottle is also free to get in, fortunately I do know a little about this: it starts at 8pm with Live music from Reputed, Audio Nightmare, Dimension & Pips. After the band I play Rock, Metal, Punk & Alternative Party tunes til 4am, naturally, this is my top tip tonight. Even if you don’t like me as a DJ or indeed person, you should still come, as the more money I can earn, the sooner I can retire, which is something I’m sure we can all agree to work towards, for the greater good. That’s on the top floor at Rehab, whilst downstairs The Rehab Residents party kicks off with all their weekend Dj’s dropping up front dance music.

Revolution are having a PAN AM event with Rev De Cuba, Ice Luge’s Dj Tex and cheap “Bomb” shots which will be a decent stopping off point for all parties.

Viper Rooms has their regular Thursday night YOLO taking over for bank holiday Sunday, with DJ Lawrence James playing R’n’B mash up type stuff. Dunno how much it is to get in, but it will be packed with YOLO types, if you’re into them. Moko lounge hosts the official after party for this. I don’t know what that means. I think it means they are open. The official after party for most my nights is back at my house, in the toilet. But that’s very much invite only.

There’s yet more live music at Montey’s bar too, who have Empress playing the Montey’s brand of rock n’ roll from 9pm, to help the Jack n’ Coke (or the slightly camper cocktails) flow



Dj Pieman’s pub quiz is on at The Alexandra, I would say if you’re in hair of the dog territory, this is a good option, plus you get free chillie too, so it should ease you out of the weekend nicely.

Tom Kellet’s open mic night is on at Zoso, welcoming people who want to sing or play, or, more likely, just drink.

Later on Monday nights Moko has their Karaoki night, more opportunity for you to, in a drunken haze, show the world that you are the finest singer ever. Later you can show them you are the greatest dancer,and after that, it is almost inevitable you will get to prove you are incapable of the act of love.


Tuesday 7th may has the monthly Beer club at the fat Badger with York Brewery. It’s £20 for 3 courses and paired beers, I’ve been to loads of these and they are great value and a good all inclusive night out. Definitely my top tip for the night, paired with tweed and denim.

There is the regular Folk night at the Tap n’ Spile every Tuesday , also up West Park way the Coach and Horses a runs it’s Pie n’ Pea night.

At the Clubbing end of town Moko has a night with two rooms, one playing dance and the other playing rock music, this is called Rock Box with Jay Selway, and there is also Rock Box on at the Regency Pub, I assume they are connected.

Zoso has their Electro Jam night where anyone can rock up and play a DJ set, but turn up early to make sure you get on, as they can get quite busy.


DJ Pieman is on at rehab on Wednesday, but christ, I’m talking about Wednesday here, so time for this hard working journo to take a break and go record my other shoddy internet effort: my weekly show for which goes out 10pm of Saturdays and again at 2pm on Thursdays. This week is largely an old live mix from two of my super showbiz DJ chums, Sixus and Zentec. I talk over it a bit, poorly. You can listen to some old shows on

Finally you can also “interact” with me: on ; or by either buying me a pint when you bump into me (cheers to the Christies Old School), or by shouting abuse at me from a passing car (cheers to some dude in a Nova).

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x


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