Harrogate College of Policing to close

22 April 2013

PoliceThe College of Policing has announced that it intends to leave the current site in Harrogate, and find an alternative site in the area, by the end of March 2014.

Ownership of the Harrogate site transferred to the Home Office in December last year and the College has a lease until March 2014. There are significant cost advantages for the College in moving to an alternative site and no advantage in delaying a move.

Preparatory work will now begin to find new, more cost-effective premises for the College in the local area. Senior managers will be inviting Harrogate staff to be involved in a project team looking at the best options for the alternative site.

The exact size of the new premises will be largely determined by decisions reached by the College Board following the Blueprint programme looking at the future shape and design of the College.

The College is still restricted by the Government Property Controls so the first part of the search will concentrate on vacant public sector space. However, they are seeking permission to include private sector premises in our search if these prove to be better value for money.


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As well as moving to a new site, the College will explore opportunities to consider home working and flexible working for staff currently based in Harrogate.

Over the next 12 months, the College estates team will be working closely with the Home Office on the sale of the existing site.

Alex Marshall, CEO of the College of Policing, said:

Today’s announcement follows earlier work which concluded the site was not fit for purpose going forward. In this age of austerity, it is vital that the College finds suitable and affordable premises.

Unfortunately, the Harrogate site is not cost-effective and we are committed to ensuring the new premises provide the best possible value for money for taxpayers.


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