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Dirty stop outs – Dj Trev’s guide to stuff to do this weekend

8 March 2013

Dj TrevOk so here’s what I’m hoping will be a new regular piece for, it’s going to be a rough guide to what’s on in our sparkling Spa town of Harrogate, for those of us who want to drink something other than Betty’s wonderful and not  even slightly pricey tea.


This weekend at Monteys there is the final ever gig from superb melodic rockers Kasiuss. Fix up and look sharp mind, cos it’s tonight starting at 9pm

Allegedly Montey’s have some great drinks offers from 5-9 with a happy hour ,but I wouldn’t know, because I never buy anything that’s cheap. But Kasiuss are a brilliant group of lads and their fare-well gig is definitely something to check out.

Unless you’ve got other plans, like, being a dullard, Lobo Lex runs his regular Friday night live music session at the Den this evening. As I write I’m not sure who’s on, but the line ups have always been strong so far and Lex knows how to put on a decent night.

Also tonight, The Electro Circus is at Rehab, which is essentially a solid upfront dance night, resident Dj’s Sam Moss and Jack Crowley really are good Dj’s who play to the crowd and always put on a good party.


My personal pick of the activity on Saturday night would be house night “Playtime” at Zoso. Zoso is a tiny bar that I sometimes Dj at and it really lends itself to small intimate more underground nights.

Playtime has got some awesome resident Dj’s, plus this weekends night has got a special guest Dj from Leeds’ (long running legendary night of awesome house), Back 2 Basics, Ian O’Hare. If you actually like house, rather than just talk about it, this night is a must!

Also on Saturdays, The Den has my arch rival Dj Monkey playing alternative pop, rock and classics, this is a night that I play at 2 out of every 4 weeks, and it’s a very good night, but I’m a much better looking DJ than Monkey, so I wouldn’t bother going this week.

Dj Pieman runs a mainstream rock night upstairs at Rehab on Saturdays, it’s pretty fly, for a white guy. It’s called Stereotype, while downstairs the Rehab “Vivid” resident’s play upfront dance music and commercial tunes, if you are after a night of straight-up floor fillers.

Lure has decent DJ’s on Saturdays, tending towards retro house and accessible uplifting tunes for the background to a good night of trying to pull. Also, it has bartender Max, who’s face is hilarious.


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Revolution on Saturday nights has DJ Disco Dave, who pretty much operates an “if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it” party night, that’s always busy and good for a dangerously strong cocktail.

Smooch operates each week at Moko Lounge, this tends to be my destination for the “lost hours” after I’ve played wherever, two rooms with Dj’s that include Lawrence James and the excellent Dom Samba gives you a decent night of floor banging, and it goes until the entirely regrettable on Sunday but “screw it it’s Saturday and I’m invincible” hour of 6am. Please note: jagerbombs are mandatory.


I’ve got the final heat of the battle of the bands that is currently running at Rehab, it starts at 8pm and the standard so far has been excellent. Playing this week are Pseudonympho, Audio nightmare and The Wilde, plus probbers another band if they get back to me, following a late somewhat irksome drop out.

I’m not going to go on about this night, as it’s the only one I’ve got this weekend in Harrogate and I don’t want this to read like a convoluted advert, save to say that next week we move into the semi finals and they promise to be pretty good based on what we’ve had so far! And you should DEFINITELY come.

I am pretty sure that Pitcher and Piano on John Street has live acoustic music on Sundays too, I know one of the resi-dents Aron is excellent, so that’s worth dropping by if you’re up there, plus it goes without saying that the Blues bar is always a haven for excellent or at least interesting live music, so there’s plenty on this weekend.

These listings are based upon my knowledge of what’s going on, I know there’s more stuff out there, and if anyone would like to send me some listings they can reach me on however, I’m not guaranteeing that I will feature them, and my facebook page does contain some pretty strong language, so be prepared to be offended, but I will do my best!

Finally if you’re not going out on Saturday night for some reason, like, I don’t know, you’ve got marker pen all over your face from Friday night, tune into at 10pm for a 2 hour rave show from me, featuring an awesome mix from local talent Dj Sixus!

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly and don’t be loose with your affections.

Trev x x x

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