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jumperASPIRING sporting stars and artistes of the future are being invited to apply for a grant from Borough Council’s Centenary Grants Scheme.

This scheme was set up to celebrate the council’s centenary in 1984 and since then over 600 talented young people have benefited from this funding.

The council is seeking nominations from sporting or artistic young people who are 18 or under and resident in the district who compete or work at a regional level or above. Many of those who have received grants have gone on to national or international level.

Last year, 31 talented individuals received grants totalling £3,500. The disciplines ranged from karate and ballet, and archery, to flute, organ, modern pentathlon and powerlifting. All eligible young residents are urged to make an application.

Application forms and reference forms for this year’s grants are available on the council’s website at click on ‘Funding Sources’ and look for ‘Centenary Grants’.

They can also be obtained by contacting Lindsay Spicer, Sports Development Officer, on 01423 556725 or email

Centenary Grant Scheme open for nominations until 28 February 2013

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