Help get Christmas presents to Libby and Byrony

18 December 2012

santaA Harrogate resident has received a number of parcels by accident and is trying to reunite them with the right people.

Samantha Riley is asking for help to locate  the recipients and in time for Christmas.

Samantha Riley said:

I have been given three parcels which have been delivered to a nearby address on Knaresborough Road.

They are addressed to LIBBY, BRYONY and one other, no surname and no return address.

They are very clearly Christmas presents.

If there is anyone out there who recognises these names, and who can confirm the name on the third parcel I will be happy to deliver the parcels to the correct address.

I don’t want the three children being disappointed this Christmas.

If you can help then please email

The presents have now been safely returned.


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