Flooding update in North Yorkshire and City of York

27 September 2012

On behalf of local councils, emergency services and partner agencies involved in the flooding response in North Yorkshire and the City of York, Assistant Chief Constable Iain Spittal of North Yorkshire Police has the following update:


Assistant Chief Constable Iain Spittal:

The flooding situation across North Yorkshire continues to cause problems, with roads and the transport network affected.

We are seeing an improving picture in parts of Hambleton and Richmondshire, although we still have lots of roads closed and all the agencies are working hard to get the A1 open again.

However, the indication is that the A1 at Catterick will remain closed throughout the day with diversions in place.

We still have ongoing flooding problems in the Harrogate area, particularly around Boroughbridge, and we are monitoring the situation in Tadcaster on Bridge Street.

As always, we are still advising drivers to take extreme care and not to drive through roads that are closed.

Where bridges are closed, people should not risk their safety by going on to them.

We are also urging residents and visitors to stay well clear of flowing water. This includes keeping pets away from this potential danger too.

We are focusing our efforts on the potential impact in the York and Selby areas, where we have yet to see the peaks on the rivers.

All partners are working together to get the road networks opened up and to help people to protect their property.

We would encourage everyone to check details before they travel and pay attention to available advice and warnings on either roads or flooding.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Incidents 26 Sept 2012

  • At Minerva Court in Boroughbridge 25 residents were evacuated by swift water rescue team and taken to the Crown Hotel whilst other accommodation is sought for them. We have set up a main pump on Back Lane in Boroughbridge to try and prevent flooding.
  • In Dalton near Thirsk around 20 properties have been affected by flooding, fire crews are currently assessing the situation there.
  • 0805 Spennithorne- flooding to property, which was pumped away by crews
  • 08:26 Bridge Street, Boroughbridge- flooding in premises
  •  09:02 Newton Lane, Fairburn, Selby- car stuck in flood water. This was dealt with by colleagues from West Yorkshire Fire Service
  •  09:16 Fisher Green, Ripon – water entering property due to a blocked drain, which fire crews are attempting to unblock. Crews have now unblocked the drain and are using an otter pump which is reducing the level of water in the property.
  • 09:25 Riversvale Drive, Poppleton, York- car stuck in flood water. Crews rescued one person from a car and moved the vehicle to dry area.
  • 09:33 Mill Gate, Gilling West- flooded cell
  • 09:45 York Place, Harrogate- cellar flooded – no fire service resource required
  • 10:03 Manor Road, Knaresborough- boiler room flooded. A fire crew are pumping out the boiler room using a main pump. The water has now been cleared from.
  • 10:32 Dalton, Thirsk- flooding
  • 10:59 Pastures Green, Patrick Brompton- A single detached bungalow is surrounded by approx 2ft of flood water. A fire crew are using a major pump to pump the water away.
  • 11:33 Car park, back lane, Boroughbridge- flooding in car park
  • 11:43 Rutland Road, Duchy, Harrogate- flooding in cellar
  • 12:12 Alanbrook Barracks, Topcliffe, Thirsk- houses affected by flood water. Crews pumped water away from the the houses
  • 12:39 Tower Street, York City Centre- crews are used a main pump and a light portable pump to pump flood water away. Tower Street is partially closed.
  • 12:53 Hillshaw Parkway, Ripon- flooding in area. Crews assisted the local council with sandbags.
  • 12:54 High Street, Gilling West, Richmond- flooding to cellar
  • 13:07 Dalton Bridge House, Dalton- floodwater entering premises.
  • 13:10 Cumberland Street, CtIy Centre, York- water effecting electrics
  • 13:23 Catterick Lane, East Appleton, Colburn- people stuck in car in floodwater
  • 3:38 York Place, Harrogate- flooding in cellar. Crews used a light portable pump to pump the water away.
  • 13:45 B6271, Kiplin/ Bolton on Swale- people stuck in flood water
  • 13:48 Dalton Industrial Estate, Dalton, Thirsk- man stuck in HGV in floodwater. Firefighters waded to the man, and walked him back through the flood water.
  • 14:17 Topcliffe Mill, Topcliffe, Thirsk- flooding to premises. A  boat sent to evacuate people.
  • 14:42 Howe, Thirsk – flood water entering property. Crews have liased with residents and adviced them to go to the first floor of the property. The people from the property may need evacuating.
  • 15:10 Green Lane, Kirkby Wiske, Thirsk- flooding into property.
  • 15:39 Priest Lane, Ripon- flooding in cellar.
  • 8 people were rescued from three properties in Howe near Thirsk, by fire crews using a rescue boat.
  • 25 people and two cats were rescued by a boat crew at Topcliffe Milll, Thirsk.
  • High Volume Pump  from Stanningley cleared the  southbound carriageway of the A1, and are then started pumping out the northbound carriageway.
  • One officer and a water rescue crew attended  Howden Lane, York, to reports of a man trapped in water.
  • A eveloping situations around the Thirsk area, with incidents at Dalton and Howe.
  • At Topcliffe Lane swift water rescuing teams are assessing the possible need to evacuate residents from Topcliffe Mill and other properties. Evacuation of residents is now in progress by swift water rescue teams using a rescue boat from York.
  • Fire crew at Howe, near Thirsk, who are assessing whether the residents of properties there will need to be evacuated. 3 properties here are affected by flood water and the residents have been advised to remain on the first floor of their properties until they can be evacuated. They deployed a level 3 water rescue crew.
  • In Dalton, at Dalton Bridge House, Hambleton District Council have delivered sandbags which are being used to try to dam the existing water level. No other action is being undertaken by the Fire Service there at this time.
  •  Monitoring the situation in York, along with partner agencies, as the River Ouse is expected to rise to 4.7m later today.
  •  Skeldergate, Bishophill in York crew are assisting a carer to gain access to a patient by setting up inflatable walkways.


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