1,000 bottles of water given away during Euro 2012

3 July 2012

Harrogate Borough Council gave away 1000 bottles of water to customers in six bars in Harrogate town centre during the first three England games.

The team, Charlotte Rankcom, Simon Aston and Julie Moon said:

At first people were wary about something for nothing, but once they heard the message about drinking water between alcoholic drinks helps from a health perspective and can keep you out of drink related violent situations they accepted the bottles gratefully.

During the next matches the ‘sales’ job was a lot easier with lots of younger customers asking for the water directly.

Police have said there were no calls linked to football based violence during Euro 2012 and have hailed it as a success.

Chief Inspector Dave Hannan, of North Yorkshire Police, said:

I would like to thank football fans across North Yorkshire and the City of York for their conduct during England’s Euro 2012 campaign.

There were no incidents of disorder when England were playing and I am pleased that people enjoyed the matches in a responsible and good-natured manner.

It is a shame that England have gone out but the behaviour of the supporters around the county was something to be proud of.



Charlotte Rankcom, Simon Aston and Julie Moon
Charlotte Rankcom, Simon Aston and Julie Moon

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