Sister of Cherie Blair to speak at Menwith Hill rally

Lauren Booth is to speak at the annual ‘Independence FROM America’ demonstration at Menwith Hill near Harrogate.

The demonstration is happening once again outside the main entrance to the American base at NSA Menwith Hill on Wednesday 4 July 4 – 9 pm.

Lauren Booth is a journalist, broadcaster and convert to Islam has agreed to speak. She is also the sister Cherie Blair the wife of the ex Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Among other speakers are Tariq Jahan who was the person who courageously prevented more riots taking place in Birmingham last year after his son was killed.

Lindis Percy (Joint Coordinator – CAAB) said:

It is totally unacceptable that NSA Menwith Hill continues to operate illegally, secretively and unaccountably.

NSA Menwith Hill is an extremely important and significant base for the American military and their agencies. It operates without meaningful UK government scrutiny as war fighting, targeting, surveillance and intelligence gathering becomes more and more directed from space – and the technology of Menwith Hill.


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