Did you call Ripon Police on 28 August 1981 to report the Sutton Bank body?

25 January 2012

The unidentified remains of the woman known as the Sutton Bank body were re-interred at a committal service in Malton cemetery today (25 January 2012)

The Police are still asking for the anonymous caller who contacted Ripon Police on 28 August 1981 to come forward.

North Yorkshire Police’s Force Chaplain, Rev Simon Rudkin performed the ceremony at 11am this morning.

The remains were exhumed in the early hours of Tuesday 24 January and taken to a mortuary where samples were taken from the femur and the ankle bone.

The samples have now been sent to the Forensic Science Service at Wetherby for analysis to obtain a DNA profile.  The results are expected in approximately four week’s time. It is hoped that this will identify the woman whose body was found in 1981.

Detective Superintendent Lewis Raw, said:

The exhumation and examination of the remains went ahead as planned and we hope the results will lead us to the identification of the woman and subsequently, any criminal offences which led to her death.

North Yorkshire Police would like to thank everyone who was involved in ensuring the operation went ahead efficiently and with dignity, in particular, the families of the deceased who are buried in the cemetery and the residents of Malton who showed support and respect for this sensitive operation.

The Police have thanked the media for their sensitive and respectful coverage of the case which has resulted in more than ten calls from either families who believe the deceased may be their relative or members of the public offering information.

However they still need to find the anonymous caller who called Ripon police on 28 August 1981 to report the body. If you are that person, please ring North Yorkshire Police on 101.


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