Harrogate-news.co.uk comes under cyber attack

26 February 2011

Harrogate-news.co.uk has been unavailable since Thursday (24th February 2011)

During Thursday day-time there was a cyber attack to the website that caused the website to become unstable with the only cause of action to be taken to take the server off-line for analysis.

This is the second direct attempt to hack the server, the first time the server firewalls and support staff stopped the attack but unfortunately this time that did not happen.

The attack was a very knowledgable and a targeted attack at bringing the site down.

The website is now back online with some functionality temporary removed for added security.

The site has also been subject to a full security audit to ensure that security is enhanced as well as move to a new server. It is likely that the website will come under attack again.

We would like to thank the hosting company X9internet for their support, as well as numerous others in Harrogate who helped to get the website back up and running.









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