Video: Mr and Miss Harrogate Fitness 2015

Gambaru Gym in Harrogate hosted the Mr and Miss Harrogate Fitness on Wednesday (20 May 2015)

The event saw 10 categories being judged by a team of professional judges in front of a packed audience of supporters.

The results

Mr Athletic Chins & Dips

  1. Stu Bleasdale
  2. Tim Smith

Mr Athletic Physique

  1. Stu Bleasdale
  2. Tim Smith

Under 18’s

  1. Matt Power
  2.  Ben Lowndes

Under 21

  1. Shadan Noori
  2. Eddie Smith
  3. Rob Jones
  4. Luke Price-Gerrard

Beach Body

  1. Stu Bleasdale
  2. Guy Naylor

Over 50’s

  1. Ray Thomson


  1. Sarah Wheelhouse
  2. Ripley Foxall
  3. Ellie Severn
  4. Amy Gregson


  1. Amy Bradley
  2. Georgie Garner

Under 13

  1. Guy Naylor
  2. Tim Smith
  3. Shadan Noori

Over 13

  1. Owen Edwards
  2. Domonic Chapman
  3. Rob Jones
  4. Ben Murray

Overall Mr Harrogate – Stu Bleasdale

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