New intake of Junior Soldiers arrives at Harrogate

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  1. what a fantastic place the staff are very approachable, i was a bit wary for my grandson but soon realised he would be in very capable hands, we did shed a few tears but so did i when i joined the army 40 years ago.

  2. I agree with the last post great place great staff, i was so worried it was nice to talk to the young soldiers from the last intake who were showing all the newbies the equipment, they were good examples and put my mind at ease by telling me of some of their experiences. It didn’t stop my heart breaking when we had to say goodbye, but i’m gonna have to man up just like my son. Good Luck Intake 26.

  3. my boyfriend was in that group of young men and i am so pround of him and i miss him

  4. A really long journey but with a great welcome at the end of it thanks to the staff of the college. The staff are relaxed, the previous intake very helpful so making the whole experience excellent. Good Luck Intake 26, Many thanks Intake 25. Missing you already.

  5. My son started training on 9th Jan not heard from him yet but soo proud miss him lots already good luck to all !!

  6. No news is good news Tracie? My son rings every night, I have run out of things to say to him! They have new hair cuts, trainers, tracksuit, boots and combats. They are off to ASDA today, God help them – Asda that is!

  7. I have served for 26 years in the RAF, 7 years in the TA before that and I was amazed at the facilities. The youngsters showing off their equipment and chatting to my sons were very confident, polite, a credit to the College and themselves. I am delighted that he has chosen to go there and I support his choice of career. Saying all that as a dad I was a bit teary when I left him there, I miss him and my eldest lad who has just joined 1 Scots Royal Regiment of Scotland from Catterick after training. I wish all the youngsters the very best as I believe that the AFC(H) is absolutely top notch and I should know I also attended Military Boarding School many, many years ago! ;0)

  8. my son started on the 9th january he calls evry night nor coping well but i keep telling him how proud i am of him i just hope he is ok he also went to asda on sunday lol

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