4 steps to growing your company into an international business

22 December 2023

Thinking of taking your business to the next step? From local to international, many businesses expand their operation as their capital increases, opening them up to more trade around the world. And if you’re in the position to take that leap, for which many congratulations are in order, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to take on a brand-new market.

There are many things to think about when going international. Not only are you entering an unknown world, but it costs a lot to set up your business to cater to international clients. Here are a few things to remember when taking your business global.

Do your research

Of course, you probably won’t be open to the entire world. Depending on what your product is, there might not be any need for it in certain countries, or it might even be restricted. Remember, you don’t have to cater for the entire world; instead, find your niche somewhere and market yourselves to them.

For this, you will need to do a lot of research. If you have a country in mind, hire a private jet and go over there and talk to locals about whether your product or service would be consumed there, of if there is a need for it in the first place.

Respect other cultures

Not every culture is as progressive as the UK, and it’s common that what is popular or funny over here could actually be offensive or distasteful elsewhere. To avoid this, you’ve really got to know your market and understand how they see the world.

Creating an emotional connection is the best way to gain loyal customers, so discover the nuances in language and visuals that your desired customers connect with. It will take time, so be patient and get to understand your market slowly but thoroughly.

Talk to local experts

No-one will understand the market better than locals who know the ins and outs of your business. Try reaching out to a business expert who can guide you on everything, from social media to your customer message and content.

Learn the language

You can’t expect everyone to speak English, although it may seem like the whole world can speak the language. However, there are certain countries and generations that have bypassed English altogether and only speak their mother tongue.

Show how much you care about connecting with them by learning their language. Not only will you be able to reach a whole new sub-set of potential customers, but you will also show sensitivity and a willingness to immerse yourself in local culture. And if that proves too hard, you can always hire a translator.

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