Should I Service My Car Before MOT?

28 November 2023

If your MOT is coming up, you might be focusing on booking that in before the expiry of your current MOT certificate. But don’t rush to fix the appointment without asking about perhaps having your car serviced before the MOT test. Let’s have a look at whether you should service your car before the MOT and if so, why you should do so.

First of All

You first step should be to have a look at the MOT test checklist and see if there is anything on there that you are unaware of. This is unlikely, as most changes to the MOT are widely discussed before they pass into law, but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. This will also alert you to things that you might be able to take of yourself, such as decluttering the car and ensuring that all the light bulbs are in good working order. Once you have done as much as possible, ask your mechanic about a service.

Second Steps

Having your car serviced before your MOT is an excellent way for a pre-test, so to speak, in which the mechanic will look at your car and see if there is anything likely to fail the MOT, as well as taking care of all those aspects of car conditioning that are not part of the MOT test which is purely concerned with roadworthiness. If your annual service is due, you can opt for a full or major service – otherwise you can ask for a lesser interim service which will check fewer items while still ensuring that your car is MOT-ready. After the service is complete, you can book your MOT test in London with Elite Direct’s reliable and trusted mechanics.

Pros of Servicing Before MOT

Your car is continually subject to wear and tear just from mild use – say, a short daily commute to school and work, then home again – and you can slip below the minimum roadworthiness levels (as checked by the annual MOT test) almost without realising that it has happened. This is the reason why you should definitely book a service before your MOT – the mechanic will be able to sort out a myriad of small issues as part of the service, while alerting you to any larger repairs or replacements that are perhaps needed in good time for it not to be too much of a nasty surprise to your budget!

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