White Nicotine Pouches

11 May 2023

Nicotine Pouches are a relatively new product to the market, first being introduced here on the UK Market in 2019. And since then, awareness and use of these white pouches has started to rise with people realising just how many benefits there are with using Nicotine Pouches.

But with them being still relatively new, there’s still some uncertainty from people on how exactly you use these little white nicotine pouches to ensure you get the optimal experience when it comes to absorbing the nicotine from them. In this article, I’m going to break it down and explain exactly how to use a Nicotine Pouch so that you get the best experience possible when choosing to use a white pouch to curb those Nicotine cravings!

What Are Nicotine Pouches? 

White Nicotine Pouches are pretty much what they say on the tin, small white pouches that contain a powder nicotine mix. Within this powdered solution is a specific amount of Nicotine relating to the nicotine strength of the pouch, flavourings and other essential ingredients needed to keep the nicotine powder solution fresh and moist as this is a crucial thing.
The design features of them being small in size is purposeful as they are designed to be subtle and discreet when in place in your mouth, and also comfortable for you as well, as the last thing you want is some massive pouch resting in your mouth making your lip bulge and it looking a bit strange!

People are opting to use these white pouches as a replacement for Nicotine when quitting smoking, as they are completely smokeless/vapourless which people enjoy that benefit of. They can be used anywhere and in places where smoking/vaping is not permitted so you can get your nicotine fix whilst sitting in the pub with friends or whilst you’re working in the office without disrupting your day and having to step outside to have a cigarette or a few puffs on your E-Cig.

How To Use A Nicotine Pouch

So you may now be getting curious to how these little white pouches work, and temptation has overcome you and you’ve got your hands on a can of white nicotine pouches, BUT, you don’t really know what to do with them. It can be confusing at first when you pick them up to know where to place them in your mouth for the optimal nicotine pouch experience, and how long you should keep them in your mouth for and so on. Well fear not, as I’m now going to explain exactly what you need to do in a simple step by step guide which you can read below;

Break the seal of your can and open it – When you get your tin of Nicotine Pouches, it will be fully sealed around the rim of the can, normally with a sticker than wraps around it. A handy tip is to pop the lid off the top of your can where you store your used Nicotine pouches, and use the edge of this small plastic disc which comes off to run around the seal of the can. This will perforate the sticker and unseal your can. Then simply apply a bit of pressure on either side of the can and the lid will pop open. Failing that, place your nail under the lip of the top of it and pop it off that way.

Take a pouch out – You’ll be greeted by the site of normally around 20 nicotine pouches staring back at you. You’ll be met with the sweet aroma of whatever flavour you’ve opted to use for your Nicotine Pouches as well which is always a nice thing. Grab yourself one Nicotine pouch out, then put the lid back on and seal the can up. Last thing you want to do is leave your can without the lid on as the air can cause your Nicotine Pouches to dry out and they won’t be as pleasurable to use as the moisture will be a lot less than if they were sealed.

Put the pouch in your mouth – You’ve grabbed a pouch and sealed your can back up, so now it’s time to get the pouch into position in your mouth. Put the pouch lengthways/landscape into your mouth, ideally so it rests between your upper lip and upper gum. You can also put them between your lower gum/lip but I find it’s more comfortable having it in the upper part of my mouth. You might have to jiffle it about a bit to get it in a comfortable position, but once it is in place and comfortable, that’s it!

Leave the Nicotine to absorb – Once the pouch is in place and sitting comfortably, the Nicotine from within the pouch will begin absorbing into your blood stream via your gum. This will cause a “tingling” sensation which is perfectly normal and only lasts for the opening few minutes of putting the pouch in place. You can leave the pouch in place for 45-60 minutes before taking it out as the nicotine concentration would have depleted over this time.

Dispose of your Pouches properly – Once you’ve reached the end of the time frame mentioned above, simply take the pouch out and dispose of it. The top part on the lid of the nicotine pouch can I mentioned is specifically designed for you to store your used Nicotine Pouches if you haven’t got a bin nearby which is ideal. But if you do have a bin nearby, dispose of your pouches in there. Don’t discard them on the street or on the floor anywhere where you are for “convenience” use a bin!

Always try and keep your cans of white pouches in a cool and dry environment, so this keeps them moist and fresh as possible. Some recommend keeping them in a fridge for optimal freshness, but I don’t really think that this is necessary however, you can do if you wanted to!

I hope this article has helped you understand how to use a Nicotine Pouch if you didn’t already know. If you’re wanting to try Nicotine Pouches, be sure to check out snusmail.co.uk where you can order Nicotine Pouches from the comfort of your own home and have them sent straight to your door!

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