How to Write a Great Case Study Essay

26 May 2022

Case study essays are common in some courses. They test students on how well they can compare theoretical lessons with real-life cases. When you are writing a case study essay, you also need to write recommendations for relevant solutions that can be applied to real-life cases.

The case that you study should not be general but specific. You may decide to study an individual, a specific society, company, or situation. Parts of the solutions may focus on the future. To make your case study essay look great, follow these steps.

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Identify an important problem

Before you write a case study essay, your first step should be to identify a key problem. The problem or situation should be unique and worthy analyzing. One of the best ways to identify a problem is to view it from a theoretical approach.

From what you have learned in the classroom, find out how that theory is related to the specific problem. Use the approach to ask yourself specific questions. For example, you may identify a specific problem in a specific business field. To understand the things to look out for, you may decide to use the SWOT analysis or Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

Now that you have specifically defined the problem, link it to real-life applicability. A case study essay solves a real-life problem but not a theoretical situation. All the questions and facts you have raised in the SWOT analysis should support real-life issues. From this point, proceed to do your research.

The steps of writing a case study essay

Depending on the instructions given, a case study essay can range from 500 words to 1,500 words. The longer case study will require you to do more research. The number of points that you cover depends on the length of your case study essay. Each point should be strong. Many students in the UK and around the world hire an essay writer to help them write a great case study essay.

Identify a subject/the case

Your case study essay involves analyzing a specific subject or case. The subject can be an individual, a specific company, community, national park, river, or any other important case. The identified subject becomes the point of your focus.

To help you analyze the subject, prepare sets of questions that should be answered by the concerned person or people. The questions should address the problem and provide answers in detail. Before you approach the subjects, research the case. It will help you get some clues about the problem and how to design the questions. Conduct interviews and record the answers.

The interviews can be qualitative or quantitative. After the interviews, compile the information, analyze it and write your case study essay. You may also get help from essay help UK to create a winning case study essay.

Create the best headline

The headline should attract anyone who reads it. Think about the unique headline ever created about the case you are analyzing. Imagine a newspaper headline that attracts everyone passing by. Let your headline be even better.

Write an executive summary

The executive summary explains what you examined. In other words, explain briefly what you are about to write. The executive summary prepares the reader on what to expect. Include a brief thesis statement.

Write the background

The background of your case study essay describes the problem. Tell the reader why there is a problem and why you saw the need to study it. This way, the reader can connect with the problem.

Evaluate the problem and give solutions

Problem evaluation is the main content of your case study essay. Several steps involve case study essay evaluation.

Evaluate the important facts: The key facts describe the situation at hand. If you are analyzing the issue of pollution, describe how the situation is on the ground. There could be dead fish in the river, more water-borne diseases, or poor crop production.

Evaluate the main issues: The main issues touch on the outcomes of the problem. For example, the problem with the death of species is imbalances in the ecosystem and habitats. Invasive species could arise. On diseases, it can affect the economy. Less production could lead to hunger.

Describe solutions: Solutions mean the actions that can be taken to prevent the problem. In the case of pollution, solutions can be cleaning the river, use of clean energy, and use of better seeds.

Give recommendations: Recommendations answer the best solution to the problem.

Write the conclusion of your case study essay

The conclusion summarizes the key points that you discussed in the evaluation and solutions. In this part, state the best step that you would take if you were given a chance to solve the problem. Discuss why you think it is the best solution.


Case study essay writing focuses on identifying a problem and providing a solution. The primary part of a case study essay is problem research. Use your theoretical knowledge to identify a real-life situation worth studying. Define the problem and the subject or place to study. Conduct your research, analyze it and write your detailed report

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