The Importance Of Hiring The Right Person And How To Do it

An expanding team is a positive sign for a business. It is an indication that the company is succeeding. The company’s success means additional support is needed to help accommodate the increasing workload.

Having new individuals part of the team can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective on projects. New team members also bring the skills, knowledge, and experience they have built throughout their careers. This fresh perspective and wealth of experience can be beneficial for the company. It provides them with new opportunities to further expand the business and push the company forward to accomplish its set goal.

However, selecting the right candidate for the role can be challenging. It can sound simple enough to choose the right person for the role, but finding the ideal candidate is a challenge. Selecting the least suited person for the position brings its challenges.

Hiring the wrong person can be a costly financial and timely mistake for a business. The list of reasons for hiring the right person for a job vacancy is endless, and these are just some of the reasons.

Reasons To Hire The Right Candidate

The recruitment process is crucial for companies searching for new employees, whether to fill in a vacant position or to need additional individuals to support the growing business. Businesses need to ensure that they do everything they can to target and recruit the most suitable candidates for the positions available.

If you are preparing to recruit additional team members, here are some reasons to hire the right candidate.

  • Maintains Low Turnover Rate – Companies with a high turnover rate can deter potential candidates. Some will assume that the business has an unpleasant company culture. Others will see it as limited opportunities for growth. Hiring the wrong candidate for the role means they will unlikely stay in the company for very long. This means that the company’s turnover rate begins to creep up. The high turnover rate will inevitably make it challenging for a business to attract the right candidate. Being thorough with the recruitment and selection process can help in reducing the risk of choosing the wrong candidate for the position. Instead, they will select the right person who will be a valuable asset in the company’s growth story.
  • Saves Time With Training – Bringing a new team member is an exciting moment for a company. Onboarding does require training to be conducted when a new person joins the team. It is to ensure that they follow the systems and procedures that the company has in place to complete work. Completing this helps the business remain efficient as they continue to expand. Hiring the right candidate means that less time is spent on training. Choosing the wrong candidate will mean that training must be completed again for the person who replaces them.
  • Preserves Efficient Workforce – When a new person joins the company, it is expected that their first couple of weeks will be focused on training and getting them settled into the role. If they are suitable candidates, they will settle into the role and flourish within the company. The rest of the team can focus on their work and maintain their high productivity levels. However, the wrong candidate may struggle with the responsibilities they have been tasked with. Some might complete work incorrectly or not to the company’s standards. This causes other team members to amend any errors made and stop focusing on their work. Switching their focus onto other work means that the productivity levels drop, and the company is not running as efficiently as before.

How To Find The Right Candidate

The reason why a company should hire the right candidate should be the motivation to put plans in place to ensure they find the perfect match during the recruitment process. Finding the ideal match for a company can be beneficial for business. It means the business continues to operate efficiently, and a fresh perspective and years of experience can help improve how the company runs. All of this combined can be valuable for a company striving toward achieving its next goal.

For companies preparing to welcome new individuals to the team, here are a few ways to help you find the right candidate.

Create Accurate Descriptions

Candidates looking for a job vacancy will search for employment titles related to that role. For instance, if they were seeking roles in marketing, they would search for positions as Social Media Managers, Copywriters, Digital Marketers and Data Analysts. Searching for these job titles in their desired city or town will bring up the available vacancies. Businesses, such as Hiring People, have provided an in-depth guide on advertising job roles in marketing and how companies can attract their ideal candidates who are experienced in a range of marketing responsibilities. Ensure you fully know what a marketer does daily, so that you know if you need them and how you can utilise their skills.

The description used in the advertisement for the role is crucial. It will influence whether a candidate applies for the vacancy or not. When creating the description, ensure that the responsibilities for the position are clearly defined. This will help minimise any confusion a candidate has about what the role entails and potentially attract suited candidates who apply.

Utilise All Advertising Resources

When recruiting new employees, posting a job vacancy on the company’s website or social media platforms is not enough. It limits your company from receiving applications from those who have heard of your business. This further limits the number of most suited and qualified people for the advertised role.

Expand the search and utilise job marketing platforms that are available. It will open your business to receiving applications from more candidates suited for the role. This provides you with a greater choice to choose from and begin the interview process.

Prepare Well Structured Interviews

The interview process is an integral part of the recruitment process. It provides employers with a chance to get to know the candidate personally. These will help with their decision making and deciding if the candidate is best suited for the role and will fit into the company well.

Spend time reading through a candidate’s application and CV. Highlight anything that is of interest, or you want to hear more about. Ask them questions that allow candidates to share more about how they overcame challenges in their work. It indicates their future performance with the company.

Conduct A Test

Depending on the role, consider implementing a short test for each candidate to complete. For example, if the part was for a writer’s position, ask each candidate to complete a short writing test based on the type of work they would be doing. The test is designed to give employers an indication of the quality of work the candidate can produce. It can help them in their decision making, as they can use their application, CV, interview and completed test to choose the most suitable candidate for the role.

The Bottom Line

The recruitment process can be time-consuming. There are reasons why it is such a lengthy process. Part of the reason is that companies want to ensure that they choose the best candidate for the role they are advertising.

When your company is looking to welcome new individuals to the team, consider utilising some of these tips to help ensure that you find the perfect candidate.

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