24-hour vigil for Ukraine held in Harrogate

2 March 2022

The 24-hour vigil for Ukraine came to an end this morning (2 March 2022).

Around a dozen people were outside the Cenotaph in Harrogate for the 24-hours, overnight in freezing temperatures.

Lindis Percy said:

It’s just awful what’s going on in Ukraine, and the words that have come up are words like helpless, hopeless, shocking, horror. People are questioning why is it happening, and we are all feeling that.

There was nothing being organised in Harrogate, so we thought we would just do it.

We have done these before, so we thought we would do it quickly, contact the press, and get it out there.

But it is just awful, and the thing is now is that nuclear weapons are in the conversation. That’s just horrific when you think about all the awful weaponry that Putin has.

The vigil was also supported by the Yorkshire Hotel that kindly provided hot drinks through the night, toilet facilities and bacon sandwiches for breakfast.



Kirsten Antoncich said:

We have horses and an empty horse wagon, along with with group that have a logistical problem collecting supplies.

We offered our decrpepid horse wagon, but it will do the job!


Dawn Richardson said:

I just thought I would come and support everything that the group is doing, and show solidarity.

I have just been to a running club, so I thought I would pop-down to see if anyone needed any hot drinks or I could help in any way, and to just meet people that were like-minded.

It’s important to show solidarity, to demonstrate support and show that we are not just all sat only watching it on TV.

Hopefully it demonstrates to the Ukraine people that we are here for them, and we are all supporting each other.

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