5 Career Paths To Consider In A Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has hit many people hard, but not everyone has been affected in the same ways. Some have suffered from COVID-19 and lost loved ones to the virus, others have been short on money, and plenty have experienced a combination of multiple issues.

One of the worst things to come out of the last year is the number of people who lost their jobs. With plenty of companies going bankrupt – and, in some cases, entire industries being devastated by the pandemic – there’s been an extreme need to find work. That’s still the case as we gradually get a hold on the virus, which means there’s currently a lot of desperate people hoping to find a job at the end of this pandemic.

While there’s not really a quick fix for this, something that might help is exploring a different career path. Broadening your horizons should give you more opportunities to find work, which is particularly useful if the virus effectively destroyed your industry.

Consider getting a job in one of these five areas and see if they don’t help you thrive on the other side of this pandemic.


Job security is something that medical professionals haven’t had to worry about over the last year. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much been the only benefit of their careers during this pandemic.

As frontline workers, they’ve been responsible for treating those who’ve suffered from COVID-19 – and all the other illnesses out there – and done an incredible job. There’s not much we can do to thank them for all their hard work and sacrifices during these difficult times. However, something that might help is providing them with more workers.

It’s clear just how understaffed the healthcare industry, particularly nursing, is right now. Even if we’re slowly moving away from the pandemic, that doesn’t mean low employment figures aren’t a concern. Anyone in need of a job who’s passionate about helping others would do well to start training for a position in this line of work. It’ll be hard, demanding, and if something like this happens again, it will really test what you’re made of. However, you’ll get a sense of reward that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

You can check out the NHS site for information on where to find jobs, as well as what courses to take for the area of work you’re interested in. it might be a few years yet before you’re saving lives, but the wait will be worth it.


As all facets of life become increasingly digital, technology-related jobs will only grow in number. This includes ones specialising in cybersecurity, which can make the difference between whether or not private information across all sectors of work is safe or not.

Technology might be developing and becoming more complex, but that’s not stopping cybercriminals from rising to the challenge. If you want to help stop them, it might be time to look into cybersecurity training.

Obviously, a job like this can be overwhelming if you’re not already tech-savvy, so it’s not a good match for everyone. However, if you’re passionate about computers, have the smarts to get your head around programming, and find this career path interesting, it’s well worth looking into.

Personal Training

Something that many people have struggled with over the last year is their weight. There are plenty who are in the best shape of their lives, having used all their free time and permitted outdoor activity to work on their figure. However, the lockdowns have also caused lots of people to put on the pounds, with the mental strain of the pandemic also not helping them to then shed weight.

That’s why becoming a personal trainer might be a good call. If your fitness is at a healthy level, you’ll be in an excellent position to help others work on their bodies. Plus, you know there’s going to be a lot of people looking to undo the effects of the last year once it’s safe to use the gyms again.

If you’re interested in this, you’ll want to try one of the personal training courses offered by TRAINFITNESS. Available to complete through distance learning, you’ll get the benefit of qualifying through a course that meets all the necessary regulations and even exceeds standards. You’ll learn much in the same way that future clients will learn from you, so you can think of your training as a real-world journey.

There’s good money to be made on this career path, and you get the bonus of knowing you’re changing people’s lives for the better. That’s gotta be worth at least giving one of these personal trainer courses a try, right?

Delivery Driving

Something that may be easier to get started in immediately is delivery driving.

Companies like Amazon and Deliveroo have seen immense success over the last year thanks to people ordering so much stuff online. Naturally, once lockdown has eased and it’s safer to go out again, there will likely be a decrease in demand for this. However, with such a change still months away, this could be a decent way of earning money to tide you over right now.

It’s also worth noting that interest in online orders will still be higher than they were pre-pandemic, and that they’ll likely increase as the years go on. The convenience of ordering straight to the door is something that appeals to many, and the events of the last year have allowed a lot of people to get used to this. So, there’s a good chance this could become a long-term job. Perhaps it could tide you over while you train for another career.

Social Work

Social workers have always played a pivotal, albeit often overlooked, role in society. That’s been increasingly evident over the last year, given the impact the pandemic has had on so many lives.

With this line of work often understaffed, your help here could really make a huge difference. You wouldn’t merely be providing an extra pair of hands to the industry, but you’d also be changing the lives of the people you work with. Jobs don’t get much more rewarding than that.

This isn’t to say that you won’t face a lot of challenges with social work. It’s one of the most mentally and emotionally exhausting careers you can join, so you’ll need to have patience, determination, and a kind heart. If you possess these qualities, though, and you’re prepared to take the bad days with the good, you might just find that your life develops a whole new meaning.

Anyone interested in moving into social care may find this website a beneficial resource. With information about what skills, qualities, and qualifications you need, as well as how to embark on this career path, it should clear up any confusion you may have about your new venture.

Changing careers can be terrifying, but if you’re struggling to find work in your current area of expertise, it could be a risk worth taking. At worst, it’ll hopefully give you a means of earning enough money until you find something more like your old position. At best, though, it could introduce you to a career you love that you’d never have discovered otherwise.

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