Benefits of promoting eLearning in your organization

23 December 2019

There is a strong need to invest in a learning culture in every organization, strong as a house’s foundation. You need to invest in your employees so that they spend their time in learning and be more efficient in the future. In today’s world, learning alone is not sufficient; everything is tech-driven and tech has impacted education as well. To develop a healthy learning culture, organizations need to realize the value eLearning can bring to their business.

For example, a leading bank in the Middle East was struggling to build a learning culture; they came up with the idea of integrating technology with the learning process. They prepared videos that addressed the problems faced by the bank along with the possible solutions. The employees were motivated, and within no time, their productivity increased.

Another example, a world-class leading FMCG company increased its sales by training its employees and distributors by creative story-telling videos. The sales went up but the process also created an eLearning environment in the company.

Let’s see how you can benefit from incorporating eLearning culture in your organization:

  1. Builds Employee Loyalty – Training of employees is based upon mutual trust between the employee and the organization. Employees will know that the company cares for them and is helping them acquire new skills. The company also knows that the employee will work in their favour and do his best to promote the company’s name. It’s a win-win situation for both. Eventually, employees trust their company a lot more and stay loyal to it.
  2. Helps The Employees to Learn At Their Own Pace – eLearning is a great way to let everyone learn at their own pace. Online learning software can easily adjust to the likes of the learner, making learning fun.
  3. Removes Learning Barriers – Employees are sometimes loaded with work, and it is hard for them to take eLearning sessions during the day. This is the beauty of eLearning; all you need is a multimedia device and an internet to start the course. They can learn at any time, and from any place.
  4. Encourages Engagement – Work becomes boring and monotonous at times; employees need something engaging to kickstart the excitement. This is where eLearning steps in; the primary aim of eLearning is to make learning fun and interactive. The learner can interact with the content, go back if he needs to revise something, indulge in fun quizzes, and more.
  5. Cost-Effective – Any business is about making profits and reducing expenditure. One significant benefit that eLearning offers is that it saves a lot of money as compared to traditional training methods. Conventional training methods involve expenses like booking a venue, arranging for travels, and the like. eLearning eliminates all such costs and provides a cost-effective way for better learning.
  6. Promotes Lifelong Learning – Employees who take regular eLearning courses realize the importance of continuous learning in personal lives as well. They know that any time spent in learning will not go to waste because they have experienced it in their professional lives. No matter what the situation is, they’ll be able to face the challenge. Trained employees will also be able to seek potential opportunities in their professional lives and work towards the success of your business.
  7. Fosters Teamwork – For a business to thrive, it is crucial for your employees to work as a team – eLearning helps in doing that. Through eLearning courses, employees interact and exchange information with each other. Everyone works together and uses their skills, enhancing teamwork, and collaboration.

eLearning offers interactive courses and makes learning fun where people come together and use their skills to solve a problem. They also clear their doubts with the instructor and other learners – enhancing their skills and making the whole process profitable for your business. It is a win-win investment for the employee as well as the employer.

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