Andrew Jones MP
Andrew Jones MP

Andrew Jones MP will vote for the current proposal for Brexit

18 October 2019

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones has said he is supporting the currenting deal that has been put forward by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Andrew Jones MP said:

I will be voting for Boris Johnson’s deal, just as I voted three times for the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by Theresa May. It has always been my view that we need to implement the result of the 2016 referendum, but that we should do so in an orderly manner that presents the greatest chance of future success for our country.

Boris’s deal is very similar to the Withdrawal Agreement which I supported. There are however a few changes, such as the removal of the Irish backstop which make the deal more appealing to unionists. I hope that this will increase support across the House of Commons.

Agreeing a deal is the best way of avoiding no deal. There are some MPs who favour a closer relationship with the European Union but who say they won’t support this deal. Those MPs are pushing us towards a no deal scenario.

If there is a vote on a second referendum, I will vote no. Both the Liberal Democrat and Green party leaders have said they would not support leaving even if that was the result of a second referendum. Why then should we have a referendum if those politicians calling for a referendum will not respect the result? Some MPs have shown they support democracy only when it produces the result they want.


  1. I am appalled but not surprised that our local parliamentary representative has ignored, once again! our wishes.The Harrogate District voted to remain, by a democratic vote in the EU Referendum.
    The question needs to be asked, why has he ignored our wishes?.
    The vote substantially counted for the district to remain by a score of Remain 48211 to Leave 46374.
    I welcome his explanation and views on local democracy and to whom is his loyalty given, we the voters or others, and why.
    Sometimes we in “civvy street” in the course of our careers have to chose between what is right. and. whether agreeing with the boss gets us a better job.

  2. I whole heartily agree with Andrew Mann. Lobby fodder yet again! I can see why he would support the bill itself but to also support the self inflicted Kamikaze timescales without any assessment of the financial implications is unforgivable. General Election? – bring it on!

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