Plans announced for a new convenience store in Killinghall

Dynamic Capital Killinghall Ltd is bringing forward a proposal for a new convenience store in Killinghall. The plans would see The Three Horseshoes public house on Ripon Road, Killinghall, redeveloped into a new convenience store and four two-bedroom apartments.

Before a full planning application is submitted to Harrogate Borough Council, we are seeking the views of local residents on the plans. As part of our pre-planning application consultation, we recently issued a newsletter providing information about the scheme and a reply card for people to give their feedback on to nearly 1,000 addresses close to the site. We are committed to consulting with the local community before a planning application is submitted.

A spokesperson for the scheme said:

We are delighted to bring forward these proposals and strongly encourage local people to provide their views on the plans. The project team will consider all feedback before we submit a planning application to the council.

Our proposals include a brand-new convenience store, four two-bedroom apartments and free customer car parking spaces, including two accessible bays.

The store’s opening hours would be between 7am and 11pm, and a range of products would be available for local people, including groceries, cold food-to-go and fresh flowers.

As part of the scheme, four two-bedroom apartments would be developed and open to purchase.

The store would save residents and visitors from having to travel further afield for groceries and would also have an ATM. Around 15 full and part-time jobs would be created in the convenience store for local people. An operator of the store has yet to be agreed.

The four two-bedroom apartments would be developed on the first floor of the building.

Local residents are invited to give their feedback via the Freephone information line on 0800 298 7040 or the consultation email address on 

All comments received by Monday 21 October 2019 will be reviewed by the project team before a planning application is submitted to the council.


  1. I dont live there but it sounds like a good plan. It would be the icing on the cake if a Housing Association were to bag the flats.

  2. Gain a local shop but lose the only pub in the village?! I’m all for Killinghall getting a shop but serious consideration needs to be given to the access and traffic management. Turning right from Otley road onto Ripon road outside the three horseshoes is horrendous and so is turning left from Grainbeck one on to Ripon road

    • The greyhound is the other pub directly opposite which could potentially re open so it’s not the only pub in the village.

  3. It’s a good idea but info not passed on to our road which is right at the junction of Ripon road and Otley road.
    Traffic lights or a roundabout would give everybody a fair chance to keep moving whatever time of day

  4. Yeah traffic will become busier once all the new houses are finished. Emerging from junction at the new shop will be quite hazardous because it’s very delayed at peak times. Traffic lights might might balance the waiting priorities and make it safer.

  5. It would be a shame to see our local pub shut the landlord and Landlady are really friendly it’s the only pub in the village for local residents can’t the council considered the pub across the road the greyhound as that would make the perfect convenient store with parking to the back x

  6. Keep the pub, you can drive to a shop. It’s the only pub within reasonable walking distance if you live in killinghall.

  7. Any more for any more!

    How about traffic management …………. Killinghall is being systematically dug up for development etc and mark my words will very shortly be dug all over the place again to replace 20th drains and supplies to all of your wonderful village which is fast becoming a town. On reaching this hallowed title it will then need a by-pass rd so that people may regularly at last travel the 10 miles from Ripon to Harrogate in under 1 hr!!
    Between these happenings you will need a Knaresborough – Bond End Style roundabout etc and a parking order to stop residents etc parking on Otley Road …….. Good luck with that!! At that stage villages will find it quite difficult to get to the new shop, car park etc as excited new (out of Killinghall foot traffic) will arrive in droves. Best left alone I reckon, it’s been the worst village within 15 miles of Harrogate for road bockages over many, many years.

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