Studley tea room

The National Trust asks for public views over a new building at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal


The National Trust invites the public to view plans for new Studley building at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, Ripon.

The current tea-room building at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal

Plans for the Studley building will be revealed during a community consultation period at the Studley tea-room at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal between 27 August and 8 September, 10am and 5pm each day.

Local residents and visitors are invited to view plans and chat to volunteers and staff, who will be on hand to discuss the proposals and answer any questions. There will also be an opportunity to offer views and feedback on the designs and proposals.

Plans and an opportunity to offer feedback will also be available online from 27 August at:

  • Studley Royal Park including the ruins of Fountains Abbey was designated a World Heritage Site in 1986. It is a masterpiece of human creativity – buildings, gardens and landscapes – combined into one harmonious whole, constructed over centuries.
  • Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal attracts a large number of visitors, but many people visit Fountains Abbey unaware of the extraordinary gardens in Studley Royal Park.
  • Find more information on:

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  1. Thankyou for the lovely photos received at fountains abbey.i am a National trust Member and secretary to Eastbourne NT Ass

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