Shaken not stirred

2 May 2019

Casino Royale meets Hallé Orchestra on the 30 May 2019 at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

On screen it will feature Daniel Craig as James Bond along with a fusion of a orchestra, the Hallé, in perfect synchronisation.

It’s a fusion between concert and cinema that you won’t have seen before.

Charlotte Woods of the Harrogate International Festivals said:

Seeing a movie on the big screen is always a fantastic experience, but watching a film with orchestra is like a cinema plus plus plus experience.

A movie you love on the big screen, but somehow everything about it becomes alive, spontaneous and thrilling, because you can see a huge orchestra in front of you playing their hearts out.

This event is truly one of a kind and like no other. Prepare to step into a world of sophistication and intrigue. The stakes are high, are you ready to go all in?!


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