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Julian Smith MP calls for musicians and film-makes to enter Rock the House and Film the House

7 March 2016

Julian Smith MP is supporting musicians and film-makers from Skipton and Ripon by calling for local artists to enter Parliament’s two largest creative competitions, Rock the House and Film the House.

The competition, now in its fifth year, offers the opportunity to put local musicians and film-makers in direct contact with the movers and shakers of these two industries and to have the best of Skipton and Ripon’s talent take front and centre stage.

Judged by the leading lights of industry, with prizes ranging from festival slots, studio time and top-notch equipment, the Rock the House and Film the House competitions are a pioneering opportunity to showcase what Skipton and Ripon has to offer, raising awareness about the importance of Intellectual property (IP) to our creative industries and country.

Dates for the 2016 competitions are:

  • 1 May, closing date for entries to MPs
  • 3t May, closing date for MPs to announce their constituency nominations
  • 20 June, final battle of the bands
  • 4 July, awards ceremony

More information on how to apply for each competition can be found at:

Rock the House – www.rockthehouseuk.com
Film the House – www.filmthehouse.com

Julian Smith MP said:

I welcome the return of Parliament’s most-hotly contested competitions, and would urge all local musicians and film-makers to enter Rock the House and Film the House. This is an excellent opportunity for Skipton and Ripon to celebrate our local talent and, as all nominations are judged by industry experts, there is no finer chance for our musicians and film-makers to gain exposure. We have had a previous winner from our constituency, Jen Armstrong, and it would be fantastic to see more upcoming talent enter this year.


Rock legend and actor, Alice Cooper said:

Rock the House is a great project which celebrates the fantastic diversity of the British music scene and gives musicians a vehicle through which to hold their legislators accountable about protecting the music industry’s intellectual property.


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