CIEH Advisory Services Team gives recognition to Harrogate Trainer

4 August 2014

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has given recognition to the Food Safety work of Local Food Safety Trainer, Steve Pepper.

The CIEH Advisory Services team have asked Steve if they could use the links to his Food Safety webinars for their membership.

The CIEH Advisory Services is a professional consultancy and project delivery service specialising in bespoke training, regulatory enforcement, compliance and capacity building projects. We are engaged in the provision of services to local and central governments and commercial organisations, both nationally and internationally.

Steve said: This came totally out of the blue and in a similar way to Le Tour putting Harrogate on the map this is going to do the same for me as a Food Safety Specialist both nationally and in the Harrogate and surrounding areas.

Last year I was nominated by the Food Standards Agency, CIEH and NSF for an “Innovation in Food Safety Award” for the book I had written on the subject.

The seminars are on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm on Google+ Hangouts. Anyone can view them and you can catch up with ones already posted to my website.

So far we have covered the new Food Information Regulations 2014 (Allergens), The Food Hygiene Rating System, Food Safety Culture and we are planning the next one on E.coli O157 to look at the recent update on government advice on this dangerous pathogen.

Just Google Steve Pepper to view the links. I have also been kindly supported by other training professionals including David Newsum, Mark Williams, Diana Smith, David Lalor and Judith Hutchinson.

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