More than 100 drink drive arrests over Christmas period

10 January 2014

Over 100 people were arrested on suspicion of drink and drug driving during North Yorkshire Police’s Christmas Safety Campaign.

Despite police warnings to the public to stay safe over the Christmas period, officers arrested 118 people as they patrolled the county looking out for motorists who had decided to take the risk and drive while impaired by drink or drugs.

Of those people arrested, 60 have been charged and have either already lost or face losing their licences for a minimum of 12 months.

Officers conducted 2026 breath tests in their bid to keep the county’s roads safe over Christmas and have vowed that although the Christmas campaign, which ran throughout December, is over the fight against drink and drug driving will continue.

Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton of North Yorkshire Police, said: Targeting drink and drug drivers was a key aspect of our Christmas Safety Campaign and although it is pleasing that we have managed to make so many arrests, it is also disappointing that people are still willing to take the risk.

The dangers are well-documented and we will continue to target offenders even though the Christmas campaign is over. The fight against drink and drug driving is a year round focus for the police, every year, and people need to start getting the message that it is illegal, dangerous and totally unacceptable.

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