Ripley Castle grounds “firm under foot” for the weekend concerts

12 July 2012

Today (12 July 2012) we met with Sir Thomas Ingilby and the events team who are currently constructing the stage for the weekends shows of the Spitfire Prom on the Saturday, followed by The Wanted on Sunday.

Keith Louch of KAL music  has been onsite since Wednesday and Sir Thomas Ingiliby of Ripley Castle has been following the work closely, since it is in his own back garden, albeit a very sizeable back garden.

From the back of the field (the castle is to the left but not shown)
From the back of the field (the castle is to the left but not shown)


There has been some speculation on social media if this show will be yet another victim of the recent bad weather. Kal Music themselves have received numerous calls asking for updates and have advised that the show will go on.

We asked them how things are going, ahead of the weekend?

Keith Louch said:

Things are always busy coming up to a big show, but things are well under way. We have the main stage up as well as the sound booth.

There is still plenty more to do though, we don’t have any sound or lighting equipment in yet and there are more safety barriers going in today.

Turning more to the issue of the weather and how it may effect the performance.

Sir Ingilby said:

The field where we are holding the show is on a reasonable slope and naturally very well drained so that doesn’t give us any cause for concern. There are also additional measure such as rubber matting in areas to avoid the ground being churned up.


Keith Louch added: 

Ripley is a great location in so many ways. We can’t control the weather on the day, but we can minimise its effect.

We have options of how we manage the car parking, the aim is to just get people in and out with minimum of fuss.

The current plan is to have disabled parking adjacent to the concert arena and to have a drop-off system where you enter from the Pateley Bridge road and loop round and exit through the Ripley Village.

We would ask people to be dropped off or to share vehicles where at all possible as it just makes things easier.

Currently the main parking will on the Harrogate side of Ripley with a walk through the Village to the main arena.


Sir Thomas Ingilby in front of the main stage
Sir Thomas Ingilby in front of the main stage


Touring the site, the ground was in a good condition and today’s sun and breeze will only help dry it further. The ground is firm under foot, but it is recommended to wear sensible shoes. The organisers are not recommending you wear wellies.

The Saturday show will be a more static affair, as far as crowds are concerned so the damage to the ground should be minimal.

The parking measure being put in place inspire confidence that you will have an easy time parking and be able to get home easily.



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