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Townswomen’s Guilds chooses Harrogate for annual conference

HIC HarrogateThe Townswomen’s Guilds has chosen Harrogate International Centre (HIC) as the venue for its annual conference in 2013.

The Townswomen’s Guilds is one of Britain’s leading women’s groups with more than 30,000 members across the country. Its annual conference is its largest event and more than 2,000 women are expected to attend when it comes to HIC in June 2013.

The conference is returning to HIC – the venue last hosted the conference in 2006 – following a start to finish marketing campaign aimed at attracting new clients and events. HIC targeted associations using a variety of marketing tools including a direct mail showcasing exactly how HIC could cater for their conference. Organisers of the Townswomen’s Guilds conference were also invited to the official preview of new Halls H and G in November 2011 so they could see the new facilities, and Harrogate, for themselves.

Pauline Myers, National Chairman:

Townswomen’s Guilds chose to return to the HIC because at our AGM there in 2006, we were so impressed by the excellent facilities, the efficiency and cooperation displayed by the officials and staff, and particularly the wonderfully comfortable seating in the auditorium! We enjoyed a superb experience and look forward to a repetition in June 2013.


Simon Kent, deputy director of HIC, commented:

Attracting the Townswomen’s Guilds to Harrogate shows how direct marketing can win new business. We’re delighted at their decision to hold their annual conference here next year. At every step we have promoted the town along with the venue, people come to Harrogate for the venue and the town – there is so much on offer and we continually try to present a cohesive and developed offering to potential clients. The Townswomen’s Guilds conference is a perfect fit with the surrounding area and we hope visitors will not only enjoy coming to HIC but also what the town has to offer too.


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