Record levels of rainfall put Yorkshire Water’s stocks back on track

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Record breaking levels of rainfall in April, supported by a downpour heavy start to May, have replenished Yorkshire Water’s borehole stocks which are now at normal levels.

The recent heavy rainfall has led to a huge change in fortunes for the company’s boreholes, which only 10 weeks ago were 20% down on where the company would typically have expected them to be for that time of year.

However, with heavy sustained showers throughout April and the start of May, borehole levels are now where the company would expect them to be, with overall stocks boosted by more than 13 billion litres of water since the start of Spring.

The company, which provides its 4.9 million customers with an average of 1.24 billion litres of water a day, sources its drinking water from rivers and boreholes, as well as its extensive reservoir network.

Matt Thompson from Yorkshire Water comments:

It would be stretching it to say that we’re in a record position for this time of year in terms of our water resources, but the recent rainfall has certainly helped to bring our stocks back to healthy levels, with reservoirs full and borehole levels back to where we’d expect them to be for this time of year.

It’s important that stocks are healthy as we’re entering into the typically drier months of the year and customers can rest assured that we’ll continue to work hard to manage and balance stocks across the region.

And our year-round message to customers remains the same: please be sensible around how you use what is a very precious resources and only use what you need.

Yorkshire Water has announced that following a great deal of hard work and an additional investment of £39 million into reducing leakage on its 32,000km network of water pipes over the last 12 months, it’s now recording, month-on-month, its lowest ever leakage levels.

As a result, the company is confident that it will meet this year’s leakage target set by industry regulator Ofwat.

And with Yorkshire Water investing a further £300 million across the region over the next 12 months, with a big part of this being invested in improving the quality and robustness of water pipes, the company has pledged that it’s more committed than ever to doing everything it can to reducing leakage on its underground network.


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