Woman arrested following collision in Harrogate

PoliceNorth Yorkshire Police were called at around 3pm on Tuesday 8 May 2012 after reports of a road traffic in Church Square, .

The collision involved a grey Mazda RX-8 and a silver Honda Jazz.

The driver of the of the Honda, a 62-year-old local man was trapped in the vehicle by a jammed door. He was freed by the service but he is not believed to be seriously injured.

The driver of the Mazda, a 58-year-old woman was arrested at the scene of the collision for failing to provide a breath sample.

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One thought on “Woman arrested following collision in Harrogate

  1. I saw the aftermath of the crash today. Looked really nasty. Glad that the people involved have not endured serious injury.

    I wrote my car off in exactly the same spot a couple of years ago, and have seen other more minor accidents in the same place. If there are parked cars on Church Road, near the junction (and apparently there was a van there at the time) the crossing has incredibly bad vision when you are approaching with the church on your right. It is sometimes impossible to see cars approaching from the right.

    The policeman on the scene described the crash and then said that someone else nearly did a repeat while he was stood there. I think the council should do something about the parking there to prevent others having accidents too.

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