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The Human Bird’s Nests at RHS Garden Harlow Carr

Resident Harlow Carr willow weaver Phil Bradley has taken inspiration from the way birds build their nests to create a fantastic series of structures in the Garden’s woodland.

Using Youtube to find videos of birds at work, Phil adopted this curved, haphazard style which is surprisingly intricate and difficult to master, to craft these fantasy-like sculptures to be admired by both adults and children alike.

Phil said: 

We’ve been watched by a robin and a treecreeper all week, I’m not sure whether they were highly impressed or highly amused!

When finished, the unique ‘nests’ will be entirely covered in willow with no visible structural supports.

 RHS HarrogateA volunteer helps Phil Bradley create the woodland sculptures


So after completion, what will they be used for? Local schoolchildren in the garden at the time of building suggested they looked like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter; their bewitching appearance gives hints of Hobbits and storybook characters; or their traditional ‘teepee’ shape wouldn’t look out of place in a game of cowboys and Indians. Their creator simply invites visitors to use their imagination to turn them into whatever they want.


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