Burst water main puts house at risk of flooding

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There was a burst water main on Fairfax Avenue in this morning (2 May 2012)

The service were called as the water was making its way down Fairfax Avenue and accumulating at the front of a property on Cawthorn Avenue. A pump was used to remove the water and protect the property from internal flooding, while the water leak was isolated.

Yorkshire Water are currently working on the burst pipe and are inspecting the road for damage.

A few properties may still be off, but Yorkshire Water are supplying bottled and hope to have everyone back on shortly.

 Water rising through the road

water being pumped from the front of a building




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  1. My son lives in Fairfax Avenue (no 69) and is disabled No one has been round with water for him apart from friends who managed to get some from the people working on the burst pipe. Surely Yorkshire Water should be going round households offering water

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