Knaresborough Discos in aid of the Sadie Rose appeal

22 January 2012

Sadie Rose AppealTwo discos have been arranged in support of the Sadie Rose Clifford appeal.

Both Discos are at the Clock Club in Knaresborough and are £3 per person with the money taken all going to the appeal funds.

15th Feb 6pm-8pm for all primary school age children.

16th Feb 7.30pm -10.30pm for all secondary school age children.

The Clock 31 – 33 Market Place Knaresborough HG5 8AL 

Sadie Rose Clifford FundRaiser Facebook 





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  1. Hi, where can get the tickets? And ive herd that they cost £5? Because last Friday 20th their was an party at the clock an entry fees was £5! Lots of people we selling them, but dobt know where to get hold of them? Thanks.

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