Knaresborough Discos in aid of the Sadie Rose appeal

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Sadie Rose AppealTwo discos have been arranged in support of the Sadie Rose Clifford .

Both Discos are at the Clock Club in Knaresborough and are £3 per person with the money taken all going to the funds.

15th Feb 6pm-8pm for all primary age children.

16th Feb 7.30pm -10.30pm for all secondary age children.

The Clock 31 – 33 Place Knaresborough HG5 8AL 

Sadie Rose Clifford FundRaiser Facebook 





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  1. Hi, where can get the tickets? And ive herd that they cost £5? Because last Friday 20th their was an party at the clock an entry fees was £5! Lots of people we selling them, but dobt know where to get hold of them? Thanks.

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